Any new construction, or remodeling which changes dimensions of a structure, needs a permit; also fences, sheds, decks, demolition, excavation, etc. 
Contact the Zoning Administrator BEFORE STARTING the project. 
Filling & Grading must not be detrimental.

See Forms and Samples available for use from this page.

"Roland Township Zoning Ordinance - May2017 Edition" 
is online in pdf format for viewing or printing. 

Addendum A (Mobile Home Parks, Trailer Parks, Campgrounds), 
Addendum B (LPG Regulations), 
Addendum C (Nuisance Ordinance

Contact Clerk for a printed copy of the Zoning Ordinance
($5 if mailed)
911 address numbering is under the direction of Tim Lewis, 911 coordinator.
Completed maps can be accessed at:
 Bottineau County Website - 911 Page.

Information on suggested style of new house number signs
is available here.

US Postal Service regulations/suggestions for mailboxes, 
posts and address display can be accessed here.
The ND Water Commission regulates Lake Metigoshe 
(State waters) 
rather than (or in addition to) the Corps of Engineers 
(Federal waters). 

Beach projects may need permits
 NDCC 89-10 gives information and can be accessed at the link below (see in particular

ND Water Commission Website

Contact for Permit Information: Jerry Heiser 328-4935
701-871-7255 or 263-1090
tlkihle@gmail.com or  rolandtwp@srt.com 
Forms & Samples to View/Print /Fill Out prior to contacting the Zoning Administrator:

Pre-Application Check List 
For information needed prior to applying for a permit.

Pre-Permit Application 
 For Structures,
Demolition, Excavation, 
Grade-Fill (Landscape) Projects

Sample Building Permit

Permit Fee Schedule

RV Information & Instructions

RV Location CUP 

Fence Permit

Sample ReZone Application

Contact Zoning Administrator for information and to issue permit

A map of Lake Metigoshe can be accessed here.

ND State Contractor Regulations apply for projects over $4,000.
Roland Township does not license contractors.
Roland Township, Bottineau County, ND

RV Conditional Use Permit is required for use of an RV longer than 2 weeks in the season.​ The RV Location CUP is currently $50 annually. Contact Zoning Administrator for information.

See RV Information & Instructions at right.​

Lake Metigoshe Zoning Map as of 2015 can be accessed here.