The Lake Metigoshe Rec Service District takes care of sewer and water issues:
Mike Hall or Bob Tratebas
Call 263-4624
​Emergency: 263-5624

For Garbage Issues call:
Doug Monson 201-0726 or Jill Watson 240-0908
4 Seasons 263-4373
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The Lake Metigoshe Improvement Association meets in June.

This link will take you to Bottineau's website for more information on the area:
The Lake Metigoshe Mirror covers the area with local news, available weekly at local businesses or by subscription.
Lake Metigoshe and area photos by Glenore Gross
This link will take you to the Bottineau County website.
Roland Township, Bottineau County, ND
Water testing by the State Health Dept has been done since 2012.

Summer 2015 test results available  here .
Sept 2015  here
Oct 2015  here

2014 Test Results available via email request; all results well under limits for e coli bacteria.
​Quilt Inn is at 10722 Lake Loop Rd E
(Map does not show correct site)
The Rec Service District requests that sump pumps NOT be drained into the sewer system!
This link will take you to the Lake Metigoshe Improvement Association website: