with MAYO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY is now complete. 

The option to pay assessments in full prior to added interest has now ceased. Your Cabin Road Special amount appears on your Property Tax statement, the first of 10 annual assessments.

If you wish to pay your balance in full, payments with interest added must be made to Roland Township rather than to the County Treasurer. Email or contact Addie Berg
to learn the amount of interest to add to your assessment. 228-2901

This Link will bring up the Assessment List by Parcel #.
This Link will bring up the Assessment List by Owner Name
Assessments for the Cabin Roads are in three categories based on linear front footage, as printed: Up to 105 LF= $3,413.45; 106 LF to 305 LF= $4,613.45; 306 LF and over = $5,613.45. An owner with multiple parcels will find their total LF assessment amount is divided between/among their parcels since each parcel is required to show an assessed amount.

These assessments are based on $2,600,000, the Bonded Amount for the project. If cost ends up lower, assessments will be adjusted. [Update: Paving project totaled $2,634,813, assessments will not be changed.]

An adjustment was made when $100,000 as pledged per year by the County toward this project was received. Categories changed to $3263, $4463, $5463. Adjustments will be made in following years as the pledged amount is received. 

Owners who paid their assessments in full will receive adjustments as a discount in their property tax bill. [Update: checks will be mailed, discounts cannot be applied]. If property is sold, the discount will need to be made by check mailed to the last known address. Address updates must be made to the County Treasurer office.
Roland Township
The assessment list was published in the 5/14/19 Bottineau Courant, as required by regulations.