2021-22 Board of Supervisors:
Vern Jacobson - Chairman
Mike Hall - Road Overseer/Lake
David Thompson - Road Overseer/Rural
John Warberg - Supervisor
Michael Sivertson - Supervisor

Glenore Gross - Clerk/Treasurer
Click to send e-mail, or mail to:
Roland Township 
PO Box 232, Bottineau ND 58318

Zoning Administrator:
Tim Kihle 871-7255, 263-1090

Township Assessor:
Addie Berg 871-9851

>General/Zoning Board Meetings scheduled the 2nd Mondays, 7:00 pm  
>Township Annual Mtg is 3rd Tuesday in March; Equalization date varies.
>Quilt Inn Meeting Room
10722 Lake Loop Rd E.
>Contact Zoning Administrator prior to beginning project.
>Contact Clerk to be on the agenda.  263-4318
Mailing Address: PO Box 232, Bottineau ND 58318

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Quilt Inn address: 
10722 Lake Loop Rd E, Bottineau

Quilt Inn is across from the Twin Oaks / Lake House / A-Frame vicinity. Map may not be showing correct site or road name.
Roland Township, Bottineau County, ND